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About this site#

  • A place to record random thoughts
  • A place for an unserious person to write a diary
  • Summarize some technical knowledge for easy future reference, and if it can help others understand some technical difficulties, that would be even better
  • The technical articles on this blog may be of mixed quality, please read with a critical eye and point out any mistakes

About me#

  • Located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  • Web front-end developer, Vue 👌 React 👌 Vanilla even more 👌
  • Learning Unity (Update: Abandoned)
  • RN, iOS, Android also abandoned
  • Knows some useless Japanese (N2 level)
  • Dream is to travel around the world, prefer cities, the beach is also great, but don't like going up the mountains
  • Not a person who likes to sleep in
  • Hope to correctly balance interests and time
  • No longer a Skyfarer
  • Email:
  • Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-3824-2959-2096
  • PSN ID: usubenifantasy
  • Praise the sun even in the darkness


  • Master a programming language
  • Master a foreign language (close to native level)
  • Second foreign language (basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
  • Write a story
  • Write a good story
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Compose a song
  • Create a game
  • Create a game like Dark Souls


The following content is unrelated to work and is mainly the result of personal interests.

Mind Elixir#

Mind Elixir is a free and open-source mind mapping kernel.


Try it out:


YOLO.R is a life recording app. This is my first attempt at Android development... Although most of the features are implemented using webview, I have also implemented timed reminders and anniversary widgets.

I have to admit that this is a patched app and a bit self-indulgent because these four features are what I need to change my habits:

  • Habit formation: record some good or bad habits, can be checked off
  • Routine: different from habits, these are daily tasks arranged by time
  • Todo list: used to record goals in life
  • Anniversary record: includes a countdown function (displaying the percentage) and a normal anniversary function (displaying the number of days passed)

Although it's self-indulgent, I hope you can provide some feedback after using it...


  • There are ads outside the Great Firewall, but ads cannot be loaded inside 😂
  • If you want to use the alarm clock function, allowing banner pop-ups provides a better experience
  • The alarm clock function does not use precise time reminders to save user battery and may be delayed by two or three minutes
  • This product does not upload user information. Network requests are only used to obtain daily quotes
  • Although you can add anniversary widgets, the font loading is random. It takes some time to restore the font after booting. It is said that rendering it as an image can solve this problem, but it has not been implemented yet

For convenience, I made a temporary official website download link using Wix: 😂


A Chrome extension that allows you to easily synchronize watching videos remotely. Webstore link.


img-vuer is a mobile-first Vue3 image preview plugin. > live demo < Click here.


Something I played with after learning about convolution kernels. The Easter egg is converting images to ASCII art.

Nippon Color#

A "redesign" of traditional Japanese colors. I hope you find it pleasing.

Show Off Trophies#


These are mostly leftover articles from years ago. I haven't done any translations recently.


Stories that are not very good (let's not call them novels): The Ordinary Theirs' Fantastical Story

Actually, when I was writing, I was always wavering between being an otaku and not being an otaku. In fact, I hadn't decided until I finished writing, um, so it turned out a bit strange.


In this era where making visual novels only leads to a dead end, my boss at home managed to create Frozen Memories with love. I provided some technical support and learned some new WebGL techniques, which was pretty good. The framework used is TyranoScript. For related issues, you can check the Tyrano section.


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