Write like you're running out of time.

Tiny Tales

They started a new life at some point

Happy and fulfilling, with setbacks in the details

But sometimes, he feels dizzy in his dreams

The sparkling ruby in the kaleidoscope shines

The bright red seems to be surging out

And what about her? She lost gravity in her dreams

Even her own body feels weak and powerless

Even her limbs are controlled by invisible forces

"Have you noticed that there are more and more news about car accidents recently?"

He, nearly eighty, said to her, five years younger

"Yes, so what?"

"Indeed, so what?"

"In another ten years, will you still love me?"

"I will, but do we need another ten years?"

They tightly held each other's hands and closed their eyes

Have you heard, a few high school girls gathered and discussed

That God will let lovers live happily ever after.

The car, rolling over a thousand degrees, finally fell silent

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